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I didn't know how it all happened. My mind was a blur. But I managed to remember the happenings before the monster hit me. My name is Cinderpelt, and I will tell you what happened when I was an apprentice.

I was upset that Fireheart ordered me to stay in camp; I wanted to go with him. Dustpaw said that Tigerclaw saw evidence of ShadowClan in our territory and I really wanted to claw the fur out of those mangy fleabags! So as soon as Fireheart left - and when no one was looking - I slipped out.

Fireheart was going to the other way but luckily I knew the trail to the Thunderpath so we separated completely.

As I reached the Thunderpath I saw Tigerclaw sitting under the ash tree that hangs over the Thunderpath. He looked like he was expecting someone but as I looked around I saw no evidence of ShadowClan at all.

And that was when I stupidly wandered onto the Thunderpath, looking for ShadowClan and their scent. But then I shot my head up and saw a monster hurdling towards me...

That was all I could remember...
This is Cinderpelt's POV on how she broke her leg. It is a bit of my fantasy but it was probably exactly what happened...

I don't own warriors
aquawolf923 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
That is GREAT!!!!!
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